When a Good Time Turns Bad

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Partying Too Hard

Letting loose during a special occasion is expected behavior. Getting together with friends for food and drinks is the most popular choice. There is the possibility that the good time to take a turn for the worse when you take a one sip too many. Nothing can ruin a night when you find yourself sitting in the back of a police car facing DUI charges.

Being Charged with a DUI

Anyone who is found under the influence of alcohol while on a public road can be convicted of a DUI. When pulled over, a police officer will ask you to take a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test. Your legal limit should not exceed 0.08% or you will face prosecution. Your BAC can be taken one of three ways:
• Breath Test (Breathalyzer)
• Blood Sample
• Urine Sample

Steps to Take When Charged for a DUI

Understanding the law when you are faced with a DUI charge is vital so that you understand the charges. Especially when the law changes as frequently as it does in Massachusetts. With the passing of Melanie’s Law in 2005, penalties have become much more severe.
Knowing the rights you have when being pulled over is of the utmost importance be it a routine traffic stop or a sobriety checkpoint. If you are unaware of your right, you must know that they include:
• The right to deny consent when it comes to searching your vehicle.
• The right to remain silent to avoid sell-incrimination.
• The right to refuse the field sobriety test.
A DUI charge should spark the need to hire an attorney immediately. When you are not aware of the rights or laws pertaining to your DUI charges, their knowledge is the best asset you can have on your side.

Boston DUI Lawyer

At Novick & Associates, we pride ourselves on being well-versed in Boston’s laws pertaining to DUI charges. We also understand how devastating it can be to go from a night of fun to behind bars in what seems like a blink of an eye. Rather than go at the case alone or merely accept your sentence, contact us for the expert representation you need during this difficult period in your life. With our help, your arrest will just be a bad memory you can move on from. To speak to an attorney, call our office at (617)745-0445.