29th January 2017

Can Tattoos Be Used As Evidence?

Tattoos: Body art, boast, confession? When body ink meets the legal system Tattoos have a lot to say about those who have them. At least, that’s […]
22nd November 2016

Penalties for Driving with a Suspended License in Massachusetts

Learn why your license may be suspended, what the penalties are for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and what you can do to […]
16th October 2015

The Breakdown of a Violent Crime

Defining a Violent Crime The definition of a violent crime is when an offender uses or threatens force on a victim. Violent crimes includes instances in […]
2nd October 2015

The Risks of Acting as Your Own Lawyer

A Last Ditch Effort Faced with criminal charges and a court case is something everyone dreads. These moments call for the support from friends and family […]