The Risks of Acting as Your Own Lawyer


A Last Ditch Effort

Faced with criminal charges and a court case is something everyone dreads. These moments call for the support from friends and family and a great lawyer. Some opt to be their own representation which can save you money on your lawyer it is not the smartest decision. While you may feel the cost of a lawyer is too much, you are actually paying for their expertise as the law is a cunning fiend. Acting as your own legal representation can lead to your losing your case. Here are the reasons why.

Risking Your Freedom

You may be wondering, what can go wrong if I act as my own lawyer? The answer is, quite a lot. As stated before, you pay a lawyer for their expertise. When you choose to represent yourself, you are thrust into a world in which the protocols and lingo are completely foreign to you.
The law is hard to master and even once a lawyer is done with school, they still must conduct research for every case. This is due to the fact that each case is unique and making a precedent is never easy. There are many loop holes and previous cases that could help you win your case but since you are not well-versed in the law, they can be easily overlooked during your search.
When you are going up an experienced attorney for the defense, it is difficult to come up with a counterargument as quickly as they can. You will find yourself being almost torn apart in the courtroom because of their finely-honed skill. A jury would be less-inclined to side with someone who is bumbling through their case.

Crime Lawyer in Boston

The funny thing about a lawyer is, having one can prevent you from needing one. Some individuals should utilize them in situations in which contracts are signed. All the pain and grief that could have been saved by having a lawyer look over the document.
An old saying goes” Only a fool has himself for a client.” Do not be the fool they are talking about. Rather than risk money or your freedom by losing a case, look to a lawyer for guidance. At Novick and Associates, we offer experience lawyers who are knowledgeable in the law. For additional information, contact us online or call (617)745-0445.