Any crime that involves violence will be handled extremely seriously by the law. Due to the harm that can come to the victims, it is an offense that requires aggressive, clear-eyed defense to ensure that their legal rights are protected. By working with me, you can be confident knowing you have an experienced advocate on your side who truly cares about the outcome of your case. I’m not interested in cookie-cutter approaches; instead, I invest time and energy into each of my clients to draft a strategy that is best suited for their individual case.
Here is a sampling of the various violent crime cases I handle:

Assault/Battery with a Deadly Weapon

Should an assault or battery be done with the involvement of a deadly or dangerous weapon, the crime will be elevated to “assault and battery with a deadly weapon.”


The criminal act of homicide is one of the most severe crimes imaginable. When homicide is carried out without any premeditation, it is charged as manslaughter.


Murder refers to the criminal act of homicide where there was premeditation and intent. Due to the deliberate act, it is often met with some of the most severe penalties.
Work with a Criminal Firm Who Has Experience

As a lawyer with years of experience, I understand the best way to approach each case. For example, I handled a case where my client was charged for assault and battery with a deadly weapon after getting into a fight. At trial, the victim and an eyewitness testified that my client had been in an argument with the victim which led to a fight. Their testimony stated that my client took out a knife and slashed the victim’s head.

I was able to argue that my client fought in self-defense and that the wound on the victim’s forehead was actually from a fence that they had both fallen on. The jury came back after deliberation and declared out client not guilty on both charges. If you are looking for this level of legal service, I encourage you to give me a call day. I am dedicated to providing my clients with the high-quality legal assistance they deserve.