29th January 2017

Can Tattoos Be Used As Evidence?

Tattoos: Body art, boast, confession? When body ink meets the legal system Tattoos have a lot to say about those who have them. At least, that’s […]
4th January 2017

Most Common Crimes Committed in the State of Massachusetts

Understand the impact of your actions and what you could potentially face for criminal charges by learning more about what the most common crimes are in […]
16th October 2015

The Breakdown of a Violent Crime

Defining a Violent Crime The definition of a violent crime is when an offender uses or threatens force on a victim. Violent crimes includes instances in […]
2nd October 2015

The Risks of Acting as Your Own Lawyer

A Last Ditch Effort Faced with criminal charges and a court case is something everyone dreads. These moments call for the support from friends and family […]