Should you contact a lawyer only if your being investigated?

It is in that moment that everything changes. Your living your day to day life, working, enjoying life, spending time with family and friends then you get that call or knock at the door. It is never a warming experience when you are contacted by police to answer questions.  Sitting in bright room being drilled with questions by instigators you start to feel like your on an episode of 20/20. As the question come at you you begin to feel suspicion even though you know you have not committed the crime. At the end of the questioning you are free to go about your way. No charges pending. So no lawyer needed right? Wrong.

Truth is you should have not even spoken to any type of investigator without first consulting with a criminal defense lawyer first. Even if you believe you may be under investigation you should begin the process of speaking with a criminal defense attorney.  By taking the chance that the investigation will just go away puts you in a very bad position if you do find your self in a place where you must defend yourself.

Why you need to consult with a lawyer

  1. To Evaluate your Situation – This is where you need to evaluation with a professional if it is smart to volunteer to speak with investigators or not.  Typically, if they already believe you are guilty it is not in your favor to speak with them in order not to give the prosecutors more ammo against you.
  2. To Layout Agreements with investigators – a criminal lawyer is needed in order to layout agreements with investigators.  An example would be to set up an agreement where they would not use anything in your statements against you. “Profer” agreements are common and need proper representation from a top Boston criminal attorney.
  3. Preparation – Investigators are trained to corner you into saying things you may not mean. Consulting a top Boston criminal lawyer will help you once you do speak with the police about your situation.
  4. Aligning the Facts – Hiring a criminal attorney that is experienced in gathering evidence and points that will prove your innocence is way more effective than explaning your situation yourself.  This could mean the difference in ending up behind bars for something you may not have done.

Why hiring the RIGHT representation can mean the difference.

One important item to think of if you are being investigated and are looking to hire a top Boston criminal lawyer, is how well respected the lawyer is in the minds of investigators.  Hiring a lawyer that has a poor reputation and that is known as a sleaze will only cause issues and lower your chances of convincing the police of your innocence. Make the smart move, take your time and learn about the lawyer you are about to hire.  Read reviews online and ask questions to find out who would be a good fit.

Never do it yourself.

If you think that you can get enough information from a “free consultation” with a lawyer where you believe you can go in and handle your situation, you are just increasing your chances of arrest. Most attorneys will provide a free consultation but it takes time to get to know your situation and learn the facts in order to truly help.  Any help you get from a lawyer will come after the free consultation so you will be wasting time trying to obtain free advise and handling your scenario solo.

Next Steps

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